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Healthcare Financing

healthcare financing

Grow Your Practice With the Right Financing

Medical facilities have certain costs and at Lode Capital, we provide the healthcare financing necessary to cover these costs. Here is a look at how you can maintain and grow your current medical practice with our funds.

Debt Consolidation

Transitioning from multiple bill to one payment can ease stress and reduce your financial burden. After qualifying, you can pay off your existing debts within one week. Our quick turnaround time means we can approve you in 24 hours.

Practice Acquisition

Growing your practice can mean merging with another or buying out a partner. If you qualify, you could earn up to 100% financing for a practice acquisition.

Equipment Leasing

Diagnostic and treatment equipment can be expensive. Many practices choose to lease the equipment instead. At Lode Capital, we can cover up to 50% of your equipment soft costs and provide both a lease and loan.

Basic Terms

Our working capital and financing programs come with certain benefits. These include:

  • No upfront payments
  • No personal credit bureau reporting
  • Terms up to 72 months

Contact Our Office Today

Get in touch to find out more about our healthcare financing. We can start you on an application or schedule a time to discuss your options. Growing your medical practice is just a phone call away.


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