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Much of the challenge in being an agent who handles real estate properties is in locating and securing clients. To expedite what can sometimes be a tedious process, you have to make yourself visible in the right places. Here are some tips on promoting your real estate business.

Actively Search for Clients

Do not make the mistake of sitting back at your desk and waiting for clients to come to you. Instead, seek them out through listings on Craigslist, eBay, and even the real estate sections of your local newspapers.

Use Existing Promotional Materials

If you work for a large real estate firm, take advantage of any available promotional materials. The firm’s staff may be able to help you put together a portfolio, marketing kit, mailer, and even a webpage on the company site.

Build a Website

Even if you work independently or your firm doesn’t provide support, it is imperative that you should create a web presence for yourself. Start with a website that highlights your expertise and informs potential clients of the services you offer.

Become Known as an Expert

Writing an informative blog for your website is a good first step towards establishing yourself as an authority in the real estate business. You can expand your influence by writing articles for trade publications.

Be Active on Social Media

Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn offer you access to communities in which you can establish connections with possible clients. These social networking opportunities are free, so you should take full advantage of them.

List Your Information on Relevant Databases

Commercial databases such as Certified Commercial Investment Member allow you to post your resume and contact information. Potential clients wanting to sell, buy, or lease properties actively search these sites.

Find a Mentor

Look for a knowledgeable, successful broker who will be willing to mentor you. In turn, offer to assist the broker’s staff with support when necessary. As you establish a relationship, your mentor may assist you in obtaining clients.

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