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Why Work With Us

The Advantages and Benefits of Working with Lode Capital

Lode Capital provides funding solutions for businesses and property investors nationwide. We are also committed to going above and beyond the other firms in our sector by providing added value, benefits, and advantages to our clients. 

Real Solutions from Real People 

In this day and age, so many lenders are using algorithms to match applicants with loans. Those same applications will automatically reject applications before an actual person looks at a funding request. At Lode Capital, we value conversations with people over automated menus and arbitrary algorithmic thresholds. We want to have conversations with our clients so we can understand their businesses, their needs, and their goals. This allows us to build long-term relationships, and it gives our team the context necessary to structure solutions tailored to each of our clients. 

A Wide Range of Solutions

While many lenders offer cookie-cutter loans or “one size fits none” funding options, the team at Lode Capital takes a different approach. Instead of two or three options, we offer a wide range of solutions, and many do not place debt on the books. From working capital for startups to cash low solutions, growth financing, funding for large commercial projects, and more, we offer options that other lenders do not. We also work directly with our clients to provide bespoke financing solutions to help them reach their goals on time and within their budgets.

Learn why Lode Capital succeeds over algorithmic and automated lending platforms.

Why settle for “one size fits none” financing? Lode Capital thinks outside of the box and offers solutions tailored to your needs.


The Advantages and Benefits of Working with Lode Capital


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