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Accounts Receivable Financing

How Accounts Receivable Financing Powers Your Business

New or established companies can experience sudden growth. Often, this growth may outpace their cash flow. How do you fulfill orders and keep your business moving ahead? Lode Capital’s accounts receivable finance provides vital funding when it’s needed most.

Funding That Grows With You

Financing receivables is a unique funding tool. How? Instead of incurring new debt, you’re selling an asset. You may have heard this referred to as “invoice factoring.” You sell your unpaid customer invoices at a discount. Once we purchase those invoices, we collect payment from your customers. Rather than wait 30 to 90 days for payment, you receive your money within 24 hours plus some additional benefits:

  • Free credit insurance for qualifying clients
  • No personal guarantees or recourse needed
  • No fixed payments required

We offer this financing for virtually any type of business. What’s more, your available funding increases as you gain more revenue. You have funds for critical needs such as payroll, inventory and operations. Fulfilling larger orders and keeping up with seasonal demand becomes easier.

Let’s Talk About Your Financial Needs

Accounts receivable financing offers speed and flexibility. Lode Capital has a wide range of other commercial finance solutions for equipment, real estate, paying suppliers and more. Contact us today so we can discuss how to help your business succeed.


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