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Fix and Flip Financing Atlanta, GA

Fix and Flip Financing for Properties in Atlanta, GA

From Candler Park to Loring Heights, Dixie Hills, and all neighborhoods in between, property flippers are finding opportunities all over Atlanta, GA. Lode Capital provides fix and flip financing solutions for properties throughout Atlanta, GA. Our team works directly with local property flippers to create tailored financing solutions with the local property market in mind. From first-time property flippers in Atlanta, to  experienced professionals who perform high-volume purchases and renovations, Lode Capital has the financial resources to keep fix and flip projects on track with our loans and lines of credit. 

Fix and Flip Lines of Credit for Properties in Atlanta, GA

Lode Capital offers fix and flip lines of credit that can be used for individual properties on up to hundreds of units at once. Fix and flip lines of credit from Lode Capital feature a wide range of benefits for property investors in the Atlanta area, such as: 

  • Credit limits up to $5 million
  • Available for 1 to 500+ properties
  • Up to 90% of cost for property purchases
  • Up to 95% of cost for renovations
  • Terms up to 12 years
  • Fast closings within 12 days

Fix and Flip Loans in Atlanta, GA

In addition to lines of credit, we also offer fix and flip loans for properties in Atlanta, GA. Fix and flip loans from Lode Capital include:

  • Fast closing times (typically within 10 to 17 days)
  • Up to 85% of acquisition costs
  • Up to 100% of renovations and rehab costs
  • Terms up to 24 months
  • Low rates
  • Nationwide availability
  • Interest-only payment structures
  • No penalties for prepayments
  • Loan amounts as high as $10,000,000
  • Very low origination fees
  • Up to 75% of After Repair Value

Fix and Flip Financing for a Variety of Properties in Atlanta, GA 

Fix and flip lines of credit, as well as our fix and flip loans, can be used for various property types throughout Atlanta, including: 

  • Condos
  • Town houses
  • Single-family
  • Multifamily

A Financing Partner that Understands Atlanta’s Property Market 

At Lode Capital, we understand the ebb and flow of Atlanta’s residential property market. We know that every fix and flip project is unique, and cookie-cutter loans do not fit the needs of local property flippers. Additionally, we know that fix and flip projects do not operate on bank schedules, and property flippers need adequate financing to keep things moving. No one needs unnecessary delays or prohibitively high requirements to get the financing they need. Lode Capital is committed to providing fast and accessible financing for fix and flip projects of every size throughout Atlanta, GA. From basic acquisitions and minor renovations to total portfolio overhauls, Lode Capital can scale financing to fit the needs of even the most ambitious fix and flip projects. 

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