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Purchase Order Financing

purchase order financing

Your Brief Guide to Purchase Order Financing

Producers, resellers, distributors and wholesalers deliver quality, service and value to their customers. Paying suppliers on time is key to their success. And that’s where Lode Capital’s purchase order financing can help. Businesses that import, export or engage in domestic production can qualify for this fast and flexible funding.

How Do Purchase Order Loans Work?

Through conventional business funding methods, you borrow money from a lender. You could then use some of those funds to pay suppliers. But a purchase order loan pays them faster – the money goes directly to your supplier so your orders can ship. After your customers pay us, we take out our fees and give the remainder to you.

What Can a Loan Do for My Business?

Loans for purchase orders speed up order shipments. Your customers receive their goods, while you maintain strong relationships with them. You also continue building partnerships with your suppliers and get a few other great benefits:

  • Making customer deliveries on time
  • Additional resources for large and unanticipated orders
  • Ability to grow market share
  • No added bank debt
  • No equity sacrifices

How Do I Apply for Financing?

Startups and businesses with cashflow challenges can struggle to get traditional financing. Lode Capital’s purchase order loans can help bridge financial gaps and keep clients on track. Talk to one of our certified financial specialists to apply or get more information.


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