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If you’re an entrepreneur, you have sole responsibility for your enterprise — both accountability and goal attainment. The burden’s on you, and so is the opportunity. It’s an exciting prospect, one that can be daunting. A big challenge for most business owners is motivation. How can you stay excited, productive, and balanced all at once? Here are several simple suggestions. 

1. Surround Yourself With the Right People

It’s always important to be mindful of the people you surround yourself with, and this is especially crucial for entrepreneurs. Chances are, some of your friends and family won’t understand exactly what you’re up to, and may attempt to discourage you. Divert your attention from the naysayers, and build a strong network of supportive people who will cheer you on and give you constructive, informed feedback. 

2. Get Plenty of Rest

Some business owners work 20-hour days and hardly sleep. While that might be possible for a short time, it’s unsustainable. Eventually, fatigue and burnout will take over. Your focus and productivity will decline. Commit yourself to get at least seven hours of quality sleep per night; more if possible. Take frequent rest and refreshment breaks throughout the day. 

3. Get Into a Healthy Routine

Chaos inhibits success. While everyone has a different circadian rhythm and method of doing things, it’s important to establish a consistent routine that is healthy for you. Get up at approximately the same time every day, and incorporate a steady practice of rest, nourishment, and contemplation as you prepare for work. Set up a soothing routine to help you prepare for sleep at night. You’ll notice a marked increase in energy and productivity.

4. Write Your Ideas Down

An effective way to make your entrepreneurial dreams come to life is to write them down. Analog or digital; it doesn’t matter, although there’s something about putting pen to paper that is a powerful reinforcement. Include details, rabbit trails, and encouraging self-talk — this is for your eyes only. Seeing your small victories will help you maintain focus and motivation. 

5. Schedule Downtime

Being a business owner can be all-consuming. Allowing thoughts of your enterprise to seep into every aspect of your day is an unhealthy way to live. Set aside time for relationships, recreation, and general downtime. You’ll be a more well-rounded person and a more effective entrepreneur. 

High motivation is a key ingredient in running a successful business. Keep these tips in mind as you strategize.