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Every business requires funds to operate, thrive, and grow. And in most cases, self-generated funds are not sufficient to meet all the capital requirements that a business may have. As daunting as it may seem on the surface, thousands of organizations each year get the business funding that they need. 

Why You May Need Business Funding 

There are many good reasons to seek business funding including getting sufficient working capital to continue operations, fulfill growth ambitions, cover short-term gaps, take advantage of new opportunities, invest in new products or services, and purchase assets. 

9 Different Ways to Fund Your Business 

Traditional term loans or lines of the credit acquired from banks and credit unions. 
An SBA loan is secured through partnering institutions of the SBA, accompanied by SBA guarantees. 
Securing funds from Angel Investors (which generally means giving them some share equity in the company.) 
Personal financing means using savings, retirement funds, credit card use, or taking on a second mortgage to operate the business. 
Getting the support of venture capitalists, who, like Angel Investors, seek a share of equity in the company. 
Vendor financing is a way to access capital by negotiating more liberal and longer payment terms from vendors. 
Friends and family loans, while having some relationship risks, are often used because friends and family are generally invested in your business success. 
Crowdfunding has become a more popular means of financing. 
Alternative lending sources offer funding outside the traditional banking institutions. 

How to Qualify for Business Funding 

First, it is important to have and build good personal and business credit scores to show lenders how well you manage debt. Second, develop a rock-solid business plan. Third, gather all the necessary legal and financial information. Fourth, know prospective lenders’ minimum qualifications and loan requirements. Then, choose wisely. 

Seek Expert Business Funding Assistance 

Contact Lode Capital for financing made easy. We offer customized financing options that are critical to your success.