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If you are like most hotel industry owners and managers, you know that innovation is the key to repeat and new business. Not only do you need to provide your clients with the best experience while they stay with you, but you need to distinguish your hotel from others. These are a few tips for increasing your bookings.

Offer a Social Media Hashtag

At least some of your guests will post photos, videos, and reviews about your hotel on social media and other sites. These individuals want to share their experiences with their friends and families. However, you can increase your exposure by offering a hashtag or geofilter that they can use to share your hotel with their followers.

You should prominently display your hashtag or geofilter in the lobby and other community rooms. You can add it to any checkout materials and in-room documents or resources as well. Then, encourage your guests to use it as they share information about their stays.

Create a Photo-Worthy Environment

Today, everyone has access to a camera through their smartphone, and people love taking photos. Therefore, you should ensure that the common areas of your hotel are photo-worthy. This means decorating for holidays and changing décor based on the season. Give them areas that almost demand a selfie be taken.

Promote Customer Reviews

Some guests will share their experiences with you. This is especially true for those who are not satisfied, but individuals who have a positive experience may also make comments upon their checkouts or during their visits. It is important that you gather stories, interviews, reviews or video testimonials from these individuals.

Then, post them to your website. Your credibility and bookings should increase because your prospective customers will feel more comfortable staying with you.

Build Strategic Partnerships

Whether you run a vacation spot or cater to short-term business clients, your customers are likely to spend time in other businesses while they are in the area. Therefore, consider partnering with some of these businesses. For example, you may offer coupons or discounts to local restaurants or display products from local vendors. You can also partner with companies that offer tours, leisure or adventure activities, or entertainment.

Work as a team with your partners by promoting each other’s businesses. You will gain their loyalty, encouraging them to share positive things about your hotel while providing high-quality customer service to your guests.

Staying abreast of changing hotel industry trends will help you brainstorm new ways to increase your revenue. Build a comprehensive strategy that encourages new and return bookings.