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Nowadays consumers are more likely to purchase from businesses whose founders are visible, recognizable, and trustworthy. This makes it imperative that you should put forth the effort to create an attractive personal brand. However, be wary of believing everything you hear about brand creation. Here are some items of misinformation hindering the growth of your brand that has evolved into myths.

Having a Great Product Is Enough

It is vital to have high-quality products, but great products alone are not enough to set you apart from the competition or to keep your customers coming back. To inspire loyalty, identify with a social cause that touches you deeply. When consumers realize your sincere passion, they will sympathize and look to your business for their long-term needs.

What’s Most Important Is the Consistency of Social Media Posts

If you think that above everything else social media posts must be consistent, this is misinformation hindering the growth of your brand. In fact, the most important aspect of social media posts is their clarity of communication. Social media content will not go viral unless it is clearly communicated. Be wary of relying too heavily on social media; in addition, get out and network with people in person.

Appearances on Television Are Passé

Consumers are often skeptical of the number of followers you have on social media because they are aware that these can be bought. However, appearances on traditional television carry much more weight with the public. If you have an opportunity to appear on network TV, take advantage of it by preparing an effective pitch to promote your personal brand.

Being Relatable Is the Key to Success

Relating to your audience is important, but it does not guarantee success. You need to go a step further and earn the trust of consumers if you want to leverage your personal brand to increase sales and grow profits.

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